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Full-auto Switch for Glock
Full-auto Switch fits for all
Glock Pistols.!!!
Made in Germany
Orginal, New, unused.

This version is the orginal one, made from the

patentowner himself. The material is very harden tool steel !

This is quality !!!!

Price:  370.00 $ / 300.00 Euro



Switch in Action /  Switch en la acción 

Installation  /  La instalación 


We often getting questions about legality of that part.  

If it´s legal in your Country, you have to ask in your Country !

This Switch comes from the

Patent Owner and Manufactor!

It´s almost handmade,

from hightst quality.

Material: harden Tool Steel

Firing Rate:  1200 Shots/Min.


Payment Options:


NO Paypal!!!

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